• Emenuk QR  The simplest, fastest, most effective and economical Digital Menu on the market!

    Emenuk QR
    The simplest, fastest, most effective and economical Digital Menu on the market!

    eMenuk’s QR Code allows the customer to consult a digital menu from their establishment of choice directly on their smartphone, without the need for physical contact between the customer and staff. Compatible with Android and iOS.

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  • Emenuk QR
  • Emenuk QR

    Easy and Intuitive: Make use of our QR CODE system with a multi-language feature for diverse clientele. We offer simple navigation that's compatible with any smartphone without the need to install additional applications.


  • Emenuk WIFI

    Get a free QR code that allows customers to access your Wi-Fi network.


What they're saying about us!

  • The creators of the project thought of this offer because they believed that this may be an extraordinary measure helping guarantee the survival of the [catering] sector, which may also suffer significant losses due to the lack of foreigners visiting Portugal.


  • This solution can cost between € 50.00 to € 100.00, much cheaper than the solution that most restaurants currently have. Just count the ink cartridges and reams of paper, surely the value is higher than the digital solution presented by the Costa da Caparica company.


  • If at your next meal away from home, you find a QRCode on the table, know that through that QR code you can have access to the digital menu on your smartphone! (...) The establishments avoid having to acquire extra equipment in order to display the digital menu, because the customer can use their own smartphone.


  • The company Mindshaker thought of a simpler solution that had already been available since 2015, Emenuk QR. (...) The idea is simple and based on two phases: first, restaurant owners have to upload the restaurant's menu to a platform; afterwards, customers only have to scan the QR code that is on the tables to see the digital menu - the language will be the same language in which they have their smartphone's operating system.


  • Emenuk QR works on iPhone and Android, without having to install apps. The digital menu is read in the language pre-defined on the customer's mobile phone. If your phone does not support the reading of QR Codes, simply download a free app, which can also be used outside the restaurant.


  • One of the possible solutions to the problem for many people who prefer a touchless experience: a QR code from eMenuk. A QR code that can be read by any modern mobile phone with a camera. Being digital doesn't have to be complicated!


  • Since customers use their own equipment, restaurants and cafes will not have to invest in additional smartphones or tablets. In the same sense, this solution promises to minimize physical contact between the consumer and employees.